Anime-Artist-Designed Ship to Run Outside My Window

Himiko “Himiko” - a water bus designed by manga and anime artist Leiji Matsumoto - will start operations on the Sumida river at the end of March.


Matsumoto is known for the manga “Galaxy Express 999″ and the TV series “Space Battleship Yamato”. Some web pages also credit him with directing my childhood favorite “Captain Future” (images), but I don’t think that is accurate.

“Himiko” is going to operate between Asakusa and Odaiba, so I will be able to see her from my apartment. 33.3m long, she features a “space ship motif” and a “silver-metallic, streamlined” hull. A Flash presentation can be found on the home page of Tokyo Cruise Ship CO., LTD.

This could be pretty cheesy or very cool. Either way, I’m looking forward to it!

Update: The ship is operating now.

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